ASKO’s dishwashers are made of steel; no other dishwashers have so many details in steel instead of plastic. The container is held securely in the outer frame by four stainless bolts. This is a unique, durable solution that you will only find in an ASKO. No other material lasts as long as steel. This is why we produce our dishwashers with eight of the most important components made of high-quality steel rather than plastic, such as: container, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet and heating element.

1. Baskets

Not only will they last longer, your china will too. High quality steel in our baskets makes sure they are robust and secure. ASKO's baskets are one of the most stable on the market.

2. Spray arms

Stainless steel spray arms last for the long run. When you’re choosing a dishwasher, take a close look at the spray arms. They do the hard work. If they’re plastic, you can expect the spray pressure to deteriorate with time. ASKO’s dishwashers are fitted with stainless steel spray arms in 18.9 steel. Combined with slower rotation means a better washing-up result and a longer useful life.

3. Seam welded tank

A dishwasher’s environment is about as aggressive as it gets. Racks full of dishes in and out day after day, scalding hot water, detergent, salt and spicy leftovers – it really does have a lot to put up with. That’s why we make our container from non-magnetic high quality stainless steel, eliminating the risk of leakage and even increasing the life span. Some manufacturers are content to use magnetic steel.

High-quality stainless steel allows us to weld the steel outer casing, rather than folding and gluing, considerably reduces the risk of leaking.

4. Door

A stainless steel inner door will not corrode, wear out, or discolor with time.

5. Filter

Stainless steel filters will provide years of service, filtering out the smallest particles to get your dishes cleaner.

6. Legs

A sturdy dishwasher lasts longer and keeps quieter. That’s why we use steel legs rather than plastic ones, which can break off when installing the machine. Steel legs are more stable than plastic and reduce vibration, protecting sensitive dishes.

7. Ball bearing guide rails

Stainless steel will not wear out. It will provide years of trouble free and smooth operation.

8. Spray pipes

To extend the life span, increase performance, and to reduce the risk of leakage, we use high quality stainless steel spray pipes. Many competing brands choose simpler solutions with plastic spray pipes – and sometimes these pipes are even placed on the outside, increasing the risk of leakage. Stainless steel spray pipes always outlive plastic ones.