If you are attracted by timeless, classic design and value simplicity in life.
With our Classic models we have striven to achieve optimum simplicity and user friendliness in the interface. With these models we introduce our new unique circular touch control which is both intuitive and easy to use. If you choose a Classic model you get a durable, timeless and functional design that will proudly fit into your kitchen. These models have 6 easy to use programs that will give you comfort and options in your daily dishwashing. You easily set your program and/or additional options using the circular touch control.


If you value a cognitive approach that is reasonable, sensible and extremely comfortable to use.
The Logic models are part of our co-designed range for the modern kitchen - Sense Series™. All Logic models have a clean minimalistic design that is both elegant and easy on the eye. The LC display and touch control are integrated with the dishwashers and placed as a top panel on the door. The Logic models are available with or without LC display at the front. With up to 14 different programs you get more flexibility and choices, all aiming at the perfect solution for your dirty dishes.

Power Zones Pot & Pans™

Unique pan spraying. At some time or another we all leave saucepans on the stove. The rice or the sauce gets stuck on the bottom, and there are better ways of spending your time than washing these pots and pans up by hand. ASKO's patented spray nozzle shoots water right into the sauce pan and does the dirty work for you. The result is unbeatable - even better than washing by hand.

Power Zones Cutlery™

Separate spraying of the cutlery basket. Cutlery can get really dirty and be hard to clean. A separate spray nozzle therefore concentrates on making everything you put in the cutlery basket really clean. The results are dazzling. A separate top nozzle sprays the knife basket with the same good result.

Aqua Safe™

To eliminate the risk of flooding in the kitchen we have developed AquaSafe™, an advanced water safety system encompassing up to 16 different points, all of which help to ensure a leak-safe dishwasher.


ASKO’s spray system consists of up to 10 highly effective spray zones which ensure that the whole load gets totally clean. Two Power zones are located in the lower rack making the washing-up performance perfect even for the dirtiest pots and pans. The third power zone concentrates directly on your cutlery.
1. The strainer is continuously rinsed from a spray nozzle in the lower spray arm center.
2. The bottom and strainer are sprayed for improved filtration. (lower spray arm)
3. All dishes and cutlery in the lower basket are sprayed clean from below. (lower spray arm)
4. All dishes and cutlery in the lower basket are sprayed clean from above. (upper spray arm)
5. The dishes in the upper rack are sprayed clean from below. (upper spray arm)
6. A patent-pending spray nozzle (Power Zone™) cleans pots and pans.
7. A new patent-pending spray nozzle (Power Zone™) cleans pots and pans.
8. A separate spray nozzle (Power Zone™) continuously sprays the cutlery basket.
9. Spray zone for the middle rack

SuperCleaningSystem+™ (SCS+)

Our unique and improved Super Cleaning System (SCS+) is an intelligent feature that will save you time, electricity, water and effort. With this patented cleaning system you don’t need to rinse your dishes before putting them into your dishwasher. SCS+ cleans the fine filter and all the interior surfaces after pre-wash, before running the main wash. This means that the wash starts with rinsed dishes, a clean machine, an empty filter and fresh, and clean water.


Our sensors work together intelligently to ensure an optimum water level in the machine. The sensors detect when the quantity of water exactly matches the program you have selected, and it always lets in the right amount of water regardless of the water pressure in your pipes. Also, the sensors monitor the entire wash process and remedy any shortcomings during the program. If, for example, you wash a large plastic bowl which gets turned over and fills up with water, reducing the amount of effective water in the dishwasher, the machine immediately adds new water to ensure the full cleaning result. The sensors also make sure that the dishwasher does not start should you happen to forget to turn the water on.

Auto wash

The intelligent automatic program. You no longer have to think about which program or option to choose to clean and dry different kinds of load. ASKO’s Auto Wash controls both cleaning and drying automatically. All you need to do is press the start button, and the SensiClean™ sensor ensure you have the right temperature, cycle and drying for perfect results - with minimum time, water and energy consumption.


To eliminate the risk of flooding in the kitchen we have developed AquaSafe™, an advanced water safety system encompassing up to 16 different points, all of which help to ensure a leak-safe dishwasher.


All our dishwashers are also Kid Safe™ since it is possible to lock the buttons on the control panel. This is to prevent any small fingers from starting the machine or altering any settings.

Steam Safe™

Thanks to ASKO's condensation and cooling channel, which leads steam away through a concealed nozzle, no hot steam blows out from the panel which can otherwise cause scalding (or ruin the worktop). There is also an anti steam-puff shield should you open the machine while a cycle is in progress.

Aqua Detect™Sensor

A unique sensor system that detects whether the machine’s inlets valve is leaking. The system then repeatedly tries to close the valve electronically, and if this fails the automatic drain pump starts up and the water is pumped out. The sensors also detect if the quantity of water is rising above the safety level. They then close off the water and empty the dishwasher to the right level before the program continues.
Even the most unexpected things can happen, for example the sensors and valves could stop working. This is why the drain pump can pump out five times more water than the inlet valve lets in.

Kid Lock™

With KidLock™ you can lock the handle/door on the dishwasher, making it impossible for little ones to open (this is available on our models with integrated handles).


We produce our dishwashers with eight of the most important components made of high-quality steel rather than plastic, such as: container, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet and heating element.

Status Light™

At the bottom right of our new generation dishwashers we have placed a lamp that makes life a whole lot easier for you. In a smart way it communicates with you using three different colors to tell you what the machine is doing.
If the light is:
BLUE – Add load, the program has started but you can still add more load (no detergent in the machine).
RED – Don’t load, not recommended to load more china and there is detergent in the machine. Fault indicator – flashing red light. This happens when there is a water inlet fault, an inlet valve leakage or overfilling and water outlet fault.
GREEN – Unload, program finished, standby light for 2 hours

Turbo Drying™

ASKO's fan-dry system gets the load completely dry. After the final rinse, the moist air in the dishwasher is mixed with dry air from outside, and the machines dries completely. ASKO's fully integrated machines also have this drying system, which is quite uncommon on the market.


An option that shortens the heavy and normal wash. It saves you a lot of time (30-80 min) and gives you the same performance but consumes slightly more energy and water.


All our dishwashers are ECO models and can be connected to either hot or cold water, it can be connected with up to 158 ºF. When you choose a program with a higher temperature than the incoming water, the dishwasher heats it to the chosen temperature. By using hot water you save as much as 20 minutes or so in time and up to 55% of the dishwasher’s electrical energy consumption.


The standby function saves energy which is important both when it comes to the environment and household energy consumption. All control units on our dishwashers have standby functionality, which is activated for 120 min after the program is finished, after which the machine is switched off. By shifting to standby mode the machine reduces the energy consumption by 50 % compared to being fully on.


ASKO racks are sturdy and adjustable and made of nylon coated steel.

Program memory

The program memory automatically remembers the last run program, so if you want to repeat it the next day - just press the start button.

Seam welded tank

Seam welding the tank (something we can do since we use high-quality steel), rather than folding and gluing it like most manufacturers, considerably reduces the risk of leakage.

18.9 steel

The dishwasher environment is extremely basic. This means that the machine can start rusting easily. An ASKO doesn’t since we use non-magnetic 18.9 high-quality stainless steel in all parts that come in contact with water.

XL or XXL dishwashers

Our XL and XXL dishwashers have the largest capacity on the market. The internal loading height of 23/21 inches makes room for larger plates and taller glasses. It also means you can load 40% more dishes compared to a standard dishwasher. The smart four level rack system with the unique middle rack affords endless possibilities.


If you want to place your dishwasher at a higher level in your kitchen, to provide a better ergonomic work height, you have to be careful to avoid any unwanted water drainage. That’s why we have developed an anti-siphon solution for our fully integrated models. This anti-siphon is placed inside the dishwasher and keeps the water inside the machine during the wash process.

Outdoor dishwasher

Our outdoor model is a durable construction fully wrapped in stainless steel. This is done to protect the machine from harsh outdoor elements like wind and water, but also to make it good looking from every angle. The door design has a full stainless steel front and no plastic panels – all to make it sturdy and long-lasting.

Touch Proof™

Thanks to TouchProof™ you no longer need to worry about greasy fingers all over your stainless steel appliances. The microscopically thin transparent coating makes the surface resistant not only to greasy fingers, but also a range of other marks and stains. The surface is easy to clean, scratch resistant and will keep your appliances shiny year after year.