World Class Loading

Our XXL dishwashers are the most flexible on the market with the world’s largest loading height. The internal loading height of 22 3/4˝ allows room for larger plates and taller glasses. It also means you can load 40% more (17 place settings) compared to a standard dishwasher (12 place settings). The smart three level rack system with the unique middle rack affords endless possibilities.

Upper basket

When it comes to expensive glassware, you want your dishwasher to offer the very best level of care. That’s why we’ve designed an upper rack that can handle large loads of glasses with minimal wear - perfect for after entertaining. You can load up to five rows of glasses and the height-adjustable basket allows you to provide even more space in the lower rack.

Middle basket

With a dedicated middle basket, ASKO dishwashers offer the very best use of interior space to handle the largest loads. With a dedicated spray system, it’s suitable for cups, small glasses or bowls, as well as large utensils such as whisks, ladles and mixing spoons. The innovative middle basket features a removable section that allows you to wash items up to 12 3/4˝ high. Alternatively, you can remove the middle basket completely giving you a massive 15 3/8˝ of usable height.

Cutlery basket

Our handy cutlery basket features roomy sections for easy sorting of your cutlery. This clever design allows your forks and knives to dry much faster by eliminating water collection. In addition, the cutlery basket can be placed anywhere on the lower rack.

Lower basket

The unique Power Zone™ design offers a new level of flexibility for washing all types of dishes and cutlery. In the lower rack, you can load things like plates, pans and cutlery while heavily soiled dishes can be placed directly over one of the Power Zones™ at the back of the basket for maximum results. You can even fold down the plate holders, providing a flat surface to place really large objects on.