Drying method: Turbo Drying
Upper basket type: Exclusive
Middle basket type: Bowls and cutlery
Lower basket type: Exclusive
Cutlery basket: Separate removable basket
Number of place settings: 17

Upper basket functions

Tight mesh base
Multi position wine shelf left
Foldable/divisible wine shelf left
Foldable/divisible wine shelf right
Fixed pin rows
Foldable & divisible pin rows
Two foldable glass support
Standard knife stand
China guard - protects fragile dishes
Guide rails with ball bearings

Middle basket functions

Removable utensil rack
Removable rack for bowls, cups and glasses
Guide rails with ball bearings

Lower basket functions

Tight mesh base
Foldable/divisible pin rows rear
Separate removable basket


Sanitation wash
Normal wash
Heavy wash
Quick wash
Delicate wash
ECO wash
Upper half
Lower half
Time program
Super quick


Delayed start
Delayed start: Continuous
Time set

Cleaning systems

Number of spray zones: 9
Number of spray arms: 2
PowerZone Pots & Pans™
Single Twin Tube™ - spray tube for the middle rack
SCS - Super Cleaning System™
Aqua Level™ Sensor
Stainless steel spray arms

Drying system

Turbo Drying™


8 stainless steel parts
Time remaining indicator
Status Light™
Voice signal for the end of washing cycle
Steam protection device
Hidden heater
KidSafe - lockable controls

Water safety

Few sealing points outside the container
Long lasting seam welded tank
Waterproof external base
Exterior float
Aqua Detect™ Sensor
Stand-by water protection
Max time water intake
Sound alarm
Anti-block drain pump


From front adjustable rear foot
From front adjustable door spring
Adjustable feet
Velcro strips
Multi fit outlet hose
Fixed high loop outlet hose
EAN code: 3838942522345
code: 460830


Product: Dishwasher
Mode of installation: Integrated
Size: XXL
Display type: LED display
Number of programs: 11
Noise level: 46 dB(A)
Number of baskets: 3
EAN code: 3838942522345

Dimensions and installation

Height: 33 7/8 (860 mm)
Width: 23 5/8 (600 mm)
Depth: 22 7/8 (581 mm)
Packaging height: 37 3/8 (950 mm)
Packaging width: 25 3/16 (640 mm)
Packaging depth: 26 3/4 (680 mm)
Length electrical cord: 46 7/16 (1180 mm)
Length inlet hose: 66 1/8 (1680 mm)
Length outlet hose: 41 3/4 (1060 mm)
Weight net: 110 lbs
Weight gross: 115 lbs

Technical information

Voltage: 120 V
Current: 15 A
Frequency: 60 Hz


Energy consumption/cycle: 1,01 kWh