Turbo Drying

Benefits of Turbo Drying

No marks, water spots, streaks or wet dishes.

Steam safe, as all steam is removed and redirected to the lower part of the door.

Saves energy, as a lower final rinse temperature, enables a higher energy rating and lower running costs.

Without Turbo Drying

Dishes normally dry by the residual heat contained in the crockery after the wash. 

The moisture rains back down onto the dishes creating water spots and leaving the dishes wet.

The door should be opened after the wash to release the steam so moisture doesn’t condensate on dishes.

Dishwashers without Turbo Drying need to have a higher temperature final rinse, consuming more energy.

How it works

After the wash is complete the Turbo Drying fan comes on and draws in hot steam.

Moisture is removed before it can cool and drip back onto crockery.

The moisture is then condensed and directed back into the filter.