Classic Heat Pump Dryer


Finding ways to help the environment and and ‘go green’ may seem like a hard task to take on.

But caring for our environment not only helps to take care of our earth and promotes healthy living - by choosing energy efficient and long lasting products you also save money. If you plan on buying a new tumble dryer - choose the T208HW dryer and you will also get lower energy bills.
Product: Tumble dryer
Mode of installation: Stacked or side by side
Capacity: 1-8 kg
Number of programs: 6


Anti crease
Time saver


Butterfly drying system
Long lasting stainless steel drum
Triple ball bearings
Durable brushless induction motor

Comfort & safety

Signal for "full water container"
EAN code: 3838782019074
code: 588196

Dimensions and installation

Height: 33 7/16 (850 mm)
Width: 23 7/16 (595 mm)
Depth: 25 3/16 (640 mm)

Technical information

Connection rating: 900 W
Current: 20 A
Frequency: 60 Hz
Drum volume: 117 l
Display type: LCD display
Noise level: 64 dB(A)re 1 pW