Ironing board

The HiddenHelper™ Ironing Board is a handy, convenient solution for all your ironing needs. It’s always readily available to pull out, but easy to hide away when not in use and fits seamlessly with your laundry pair.

The HI115 HiddenHelper™ Ironing Board is available in White and Titanium.

An Ironing Board Arm (HA15), helpful when ironing sleeves, is also available as an attachment for all ironing boards. 

Type: Single Pull Out Shelf
EAN code: 7392417054718
code: 428593
Height: 5 7/8 (150 mm)
Width: 23 7/16 (595 mm)
Depth: 23 1/8 (587 mm)
Weight net: 46 lbs
Weight gross: 53 lbs