We Know Laundry

Sensi Save™

A unique sensor that saves water, energy and time! By estimating the amount of textiles in the machine, the sensor regulates the washing cycle to achieve optimal results with minimum consumption of water, energy and time. Wash 4 lbs instead of a full load (15 lbs) and save over 5 gallons of water, 0.3 kWh and 35 minutes!


Vibrations in a washing machine contribute to wear and reduce the life span. We have made our machines extra sturdy by building on four powerful shock absorbers rather than two shock-absorber legs. With this ASKO unique Quattro™ construction the outer drum rests on four supporting spring legs firmly attached to a steel bottom plate. The entire construction stands inside the machine and spinning at even 1800 rpm can be done virtually free of vibrations. This also increases the life span.

Aqua Block System™

No one wants water damage at home. Even the smallest leak that goes undetected can cause major problems. This is why we have worked hard to create leak protection systems that even exceed the requirements set by national authorities. Our advanced AquaBlock™ system has sensors that can detect higher than usual water levels in the machine. To prevent water damage, the program works through seven stages:

1) Maximum intake time

The water level is restricted by a maximum water intake time.

2) Waterproof base

The bottom of the washing machine has a waterproof container construction.

3) Flood protection

If the water level in the machine rises above the normal level, the flood protection switches on. This closes the intake valve and the draining pump is automatically activated.

4) PEX hose

The intake hoses on ASKO washing machines are made from PEX that can withstand 10 bar of pressure and 203°F for at least 50 years.

5) Draining pump with anti-block

Washing machines usually have a lint filter in the draining pump which has to be cleaned regularly. ASKO’s draining pump has a simple, easy- to access hatch that protects the pump from rubbish. The anti-block function means the draining

6) No rubber bellows

Rubber bellows are often the first part of a washing machine to wear out, causing many flooded floors and extra service costs. This is why ASKO washers are made without rubber bellows. Thanks to our SmartSeal™ construction the door seals directly to the drum, without the need for rubber bellows.

Time Wash™

With our Time Wash™ program you decide how long you want to spend waiting for the washer to finish. In other words you can reduce the cycle time when you’re in a rush or only washing a few items. The machine optimizes the wash result on the time chosen from 30 minutes up to 3 hours – it is flexible, smart and time saving.


Thanks to SmartSeal™ it’s easy to recognize an ASKO washing machine. ASKO is the only manufacturer building machines without rubber bellows. The Quattro™ construction allows the door to be sealed directly onto the drum assembly without protruding into the washing space.

Super Rinse

As a preventive measure for people with sensitive skin, our washers feature an extra rinse function called Super Rinse. This is especially important in countries with soft water and means that the machine rinses up to 7 times rather than 3 (default factory setting).

Active Drum™

Our unique new drum construction means optimum care and maximum gentleness for your laundry. The angle of the drum edges and the design of the drum, in combination with the hourglass-shaped lifters, allow your laundry to move to the center. This along with smaller cylinder holes in the middle gives less wear on delicate items and better balance in the drum even at higher spin speeds. The hourglass-shaped lifters also guide larger “objects” such as gravel to the bigger evacuation holes in the lifter edges, which effectively remove dirt from the machine.


To stop children starting the machine, the childproofing function can be activated. Deactivate the KidLock™ by pressing the Start/Stop button and the door (key symbol) at the same time. This disconnects the childproofing system for three minutes.

Line Series™ - CLASSIC

For those who are attracted by timeless classic design and value simplicity in life. The Line Series™ - Classic washers, dryers and drying cabinets are durable, functional and user-friendly machines. The interface is robust and easy to understand and use. You easily make your program choices using a jog dial. Then you choose temperature and other additional options using the buttons to the right. The LC display clearly shows the remaining time. The detergent compartment of the Classic washer is of the traditional ‘pull-out’ type and is designed to elegantly blend in with the machine. It is also easy to remove and clean.

Line Series™ - LOGIC

For those who value a cognitive approach that is both reasonable, sensible and extremely comfortable to use. This design has an elegant user interface with a modern LC display, which displays all the info in one row. Here you can easily see programs, temperature, spin speed and remaining time. It is self-instructive and all choices are simply made from left to right. You choose the programs using a jog dial and the options with buttons. It is smart, logical and user friendly. The detergent compartment of the Line Series™- Logic washer has a modern push-lock solution which makes it user friendly and integrated with the machine’s design.

Line Series™ - STYLE

For those who have a sense and awareness of style and fashion but also value a functional, user-friendly design. Has an attractive and unique full graphic LCD panel. With its intuitive approach the user interface is very different from other machines. First choose the program, then any additional settings and finally the start button – it’s simple, logical and efficient. The default program suggestions are easy to change. The modern jog dial makes it all very easy, and in the display you see all the choices you have made as well as actual time. The user interface is in a discreet blue-green which harmonizes with the detergent compartment of the washers and the glass cover on the door. The detergent compartment has a modern push-lock solution which makes it user friendly and adheres to the simplistic design of the machine.

Fully Integrated Series™

We have the world’s most co-ordinated laundry range when it comes to design. With our Fully Integrated Series™ we give you the possibility to hide away your laundry appliances to harmonize with the rest of your household. By using our fully integrated solutions you can create a pleasant, uniform environment. Our Individual Doors concept is an easy way for you to integrate, say, your washer or tumble dryer with the rest of your laundry room or apartment interior. Whichever line you prefer, black, white, stainless steel or a wooden door, it will match the discreet Scandinavian style of our designs. Our aim is to create an attractively designed, functional holistic solution.

Hidden Helpers™

We know that there is a high demand for functional solutions when it comes to storage and folding space in a laundry room. Our Hidden Helpers™ are simple but smart inventions that are always handy and will make your laundry life much easier. Each of the Hidden Helpers™ is co-designed with the washing machine and tumble dryer. They are all part of the ASKO modular system preserving the chosen design and function.

Asthma and allergy approved washer

The washer has effective programs, improved rinse performance and a unique drum cleaning program to assist people suffering from asthma or allergy. According to established standards three new programs have been added:
• Allergy program Cotton: 104 - 194 ºF
• Allergy program Synthetics: 104 - 140 ºF, max 1200 rpm
• Drum cleaning program (without load): 194 ºF, high water level
In the allergy program the washer re-heats the water for 5 minutes in the main wash in order to remove any unwanted bacteria. The unique drum cleaning program is so effective, that the water inside the washer after the cleaning program is as clean as tap water. The asthma and allergy approved washer has improved rinse performance to achieve maximum cleanness in your laundry.

ECO washer

We all know that washing machines need hot water, so it seems crazy not to use the hot water that is already available in our homes. This applies especially when you have an economic, environmentally friendly source of hot water. By using a source of hot water that is already there, the machine doesn’t need to consume as much electrical energy on heating the water. By choosing our hot and cold water connected ECO washer, you save up to 60% of the machine’s electrical energy consumption. The ECO washer has two water inlet connections instead of just one: one for hot water and one for cold water. The machine automatically adjusts the amount of hot or cold water that needs to be added to achieve the correct temperature for your chosen program.


Our market unique HWC washers and dryers enable you to significantly reduce your electrical energy consumption by using heating water as an energy carrier. These products are adapted to be heated by an economic and environmentally friendly source of heating water, such as district heating, geothermal heating or solar collector. This leads to a replacement of the majority, up to 90%, of the electrical power consumption. Our HWC washers and dryers use a circulating heating water flow through a heat exchanger inside the machines which heats up the process water (in washers) or process air (in dryers). This reduces the need to operate the conventional electrical heating element. Our HWC washer and dryer have two additional connections on the back of the machine. There is one connection for ingoing heating water (in red) and one for outgoing heating water (in blue). The process water (for washers) has its normal water connection to the machine (in yellow).

Stain program

Just choose the fabric and type of stain in the display menu and place your dirty laundry in the washer. An optimal program will then automatically be set to achieve the best possible wash result to remove the stain. The machine is set for 9 different types of stains (red wine, blood, grass, blueberries, butter, chocolate, coffee/tea, egg, dairy products) on three types of materials (cotton, cotton/synthetics, synthetics).

Hand & wool wash

You never need to hand wash or wool wash again. Our hand and wool wash programs are even gentler than you could ever be.

Easy care/sports garment

Our easy care /sportswear program is especially dedicated to taking care of your membrane clothes (for instance jackets or trousers) or other garments in waterproof/breathable fabric that need easy care. It is also ideal for your sportswear or other clothes made of mixed materials.

17.6 lb capacity

Our drum has a capacity of 2.12 cu.ft., enabling a wash load of up to 17.6 lb.

24 lb capacity

Our XL washers have a volume of 2.83 cu.ft., enabling a wash load of up to 24 lb. The higher capacity means fewer wash loads. The larger drum space also ensures less wrinkles and tangling of clothes, giving you optimum wash performance.

Opens all the way

Thanks to ASKO’s unique construction without rubber bellows, we can use a door with only a shallow bowl shape, rather than a conventional deep one. Therefore the door takes up less space. All our machines have a large door opening (12 in.). This, along with a very easily accessible drum, makes it easier to load and unload the machine.

Removable lifters

The lifters in the wash drum can be removed to save you service costs. In other machines a service engineer would need to be called out but with our solution the user can sort the problem out themselves.

Stainless steel drum

Both the inner and outer drum are made of stainless steel. Unlike a cheaper plastic drum it is more durable, has higher quality and allows you to wash at higher temperatures and spin at higher spin speeds.

Cast iron rear gable

We reinforce and stabilize our washing machines with a robust cast iron rear gable instead of concrete. This makes for sturdier, quieter operation and a longer life span.

Induction motors

Our washers are fitted with an induction motor without carbon brushes. This robust motor means that the machine can cope with the highest spin speed, reduces the noise level and also increases the life span of the machine.

Auto wash

An intelligent program that is extremely flexible since it does the thinking for you. It adjusts the water consumption and the main wash time depending on load and chosen temperature. It also optimizes the number of rinses depending on the amount of laundry. This Auto program is not only convenient and easy to use, it also saves energy since the amount of water and running time are adjusted according to the amount of laundry. A smaller load means less water and energy consumption.
With our laundry care concept you can actually fit a co-designed washer, dryer, drying cabinet and Hidden Helper™ ironing board into an area of less than one square meter (0.72 m² to be exact). This makes it perfectly possible for you to do all your laundry jobs, including washing, drying, ironing and folding in the best possible way and in the minimum amount of space. The only problem is what to do with all that extra room …