Classic Heat Pump Dryer


Finding ways to help the environment and ‘go green’ may seem like a hard task to take on.

But caring for our environment not only helps to take care of our earth and promotes healthy living - by choosing energy efficient and long lasting products you also save money. If you plan on buying a new tumble dryer - choose the T208HW dryer and you will also get lower energy bills.

General description

Model name: T208H.W.U
Product line: Classic
Mode of installation: Freestanding
Load amount setting: 2.2-17.6 lbs
Number of programs: 10
Display Type: LCD display
Butterfly drying system: Butterfly drying system
Anti crease: Anti crease


Condensed water tank
Type of dryer: Heat pump
Drying Sensor
Drum Volume: 31 US gal

Use and flexibility

Water container: 2 US gal
Auto programs
Humidity sensor

Interaction and control

Display Type: LCD display
End of Program Signal


Auto dry
Auto extra dry
Auto iron dry
Auto normal dry
Auto synthetics
Time program
Silk and wool
Quick pro


Dryness level setting
Anti crease
Delayed start
Load amount setting
Acoustic signal (buzzer)

Safety and maintenance

Lockable control panel

Technical data

Noise level spinning: 64 dB(A)
Connection rating: 900 W
Current: 20 A
Frequency: 60 Hz


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 33 7/16” × 23 7/16” × 25 3/16” (850 × 595 × 640 mm)

Logistic information

code: 588196
EAN code: 3838782019074
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