Pro Series™ Washers

Our Pro Series™ washing machines have a capacity of 2.83 cu.ft., to a wash load of more than 24 lb wash load. That’s big, but despite the size it is rated with Energy Star in energy and the water consumption is exactly the same as for a standard washer.

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Scandinavian design The combination of everyday functionalism, environmental concern and clean, pleasant lines is the principal hallmark of Scandinavian design – and that of ASKO. The fundamental idea is that carefully designed products should improve people’s quality of life. To distinguish ourselves in a market of cluttered, complex and voluptuous designs, we aim for a soft, humanistic minimalism based on the principle of quiet being the new loud. The key elements of Scandinavian design – understated elegance, high-quality craftsmanship and natural materials – are reflected in ASKO’s design language.