Save water

SensiSave sensors in the washing machine detect the size of your laundry load and match water levels and time accordingly, using less water and energy when washing smaller loads.

How it works

Step 1. During initial water intake ASKO’s unique and accurate tumble-then-stop motion assesses the water level required before adding more water to the wash.

Step 2. Throughout the wash a series of sensors measure the absorption of water into the garments. For example synthetics require less water than cottons.

Clean laundry and a clean conscience

Model W6424 has been designated as Most Efficient 2014.

Scandinavian design The combination of everyday functionalism, environmental concern and clean, pleasant lines is the principal hallmark of Scandinavian design – and that of ASKO. The fundamental idea is that carefully designed products should improve people’s quality of life. To distinguish ourselves in a market of cluttered, complex and voluptuous designs, we aim for a soft, humanistic minimalism based on the principle of quiet being the new loud. The key elements of Scandinavian design – understated elegance, high-quality craftsmanship and natural materials – are reflected in ASKO’s design language.