ASKO is committed to the environment

Most people want to make a contribution to spare our environment, but many of us don’t know how. We need to be much kinder to our environment and adopt smarter methods.

Having water, energy and detergent consumption in mind when choosing appliances is a good way to start. That’s why we are proud to say that commitment to the environment has traditionally been an important part of ASKO’s ethos, perhaps because the factories have always had nature on their doorstep.

Our dishwashers, for example, have a very low energy and detergent consumption and are among the most water-efficient in the world.

By 1999 our environmental work had advanced so far that we received environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001. Most of the components in our appliances are, for example, labelled for recycling.

So if you choose to purchase an ASKO appliance we can promise you it will give you many years of dependable service. And as your ASKO toils away, year after year, you can relax in the certain knowledge that your choice is environmentally responsible.