Quality always comes from dedication

We think you’ll fall in love with our appliances at first sight. However, that initial spark will soon develop into a steady relationship, and then you’ll find out whether the inside is everything the outside promises.

The way we see it, your appliances should last for a long time. That’s exactly what our designers aim for as they meticulously analyse every detail. And the results are amazing.

We have been producing household appliances for over half a century, and year after year we have seen how sturdy wins over thin, simple over complicated and steel over plastic. Time after time, quality has paid off!

We test our products to inhuman limits. For example, we open and close the dishwasher door 300,000 times to assure ourselves that the door lock, hinge and loading racks will last. This is equivalent to opening the door 40 times a day for 20 years.

So, all in all, ASKO machines can stand the test of time, year after year, after year.

Scandinavian design Scandinavian design The combination of everyday functionalism, environmental concern and clean, pleasant lines is the principal hallmark of Scandinavian design – and that of ASKO. The fundamental idea is that carefully designed products should improve people’s quality of life. To distinguish ourselves in a market of cluttered, complex and voluptuous designs, we aim for a soft, humanistic minimalism based on the principle of quiet being the new loud. The key elements of Scandinavian design – understated elegance, high-quality craftsmanship and natural materials – are reflected in ASKO’s design language.