Beautiful, sustainable reliable dishwashers: companions. Made to leave you feeling confident that no matter what you put in, it'll come out spotless and in great condition.

TouchProof™ stainless steel dishwashers

ASKO dishwashers are easy to use, and made to bring a beautiful aesthetic quality to your kitchen

Panel ready dishwashers

Panel ready dishwashers can be fit behind your own panels for a discreet, uninterrupted design

The industry’s only UL-rated outdoor dishwasher

ASKO quality, anywhere in your home.

Built to last

Open the door of any ASKO dishwasher, and you'll see that they contain a lot of steel – perhaps even more than any other on the market. ASKO dishwashers are renowned for their build, their quality, their performance and their long lifespans. This is especially true for our latest generation of dishwashers – sturdy and truly reliable companions in the kitchen.

Designed to be beautiful

Our dishwashers pay respect to classic Scandinavian design principles of form and function: created to be useful, but also showcasing elegant, sleek and sophisticated design. They're also made to perform sustainably and quietly: without making too much of an impact on either the environment, or the ambience of your home.

Created to take care

Of course, they also take brilliant care of your kitchenware. Our dishwashers take such good care of their contents that a celebrated Swedish crystal glassmaker has stated that washing their products in an ASKO is safer and kinder than washing them by hand.

In this chart, you'll see the stats and figures that make ASKO dishwashers so special. Energy efficiency, load sizes, ease of use and features: the details speak for themselves.

Series comparison

Features 30 series 40 series 50 series
Place settings capacity 16 16 17
Sound level 44 dB(A) 42 dB(A) 40 dB(A)
LED lit interior - 2 LED Lights 4 LED Lights
Status Light - YES YES
Spray Zones 8 9 9
Energy star Yes, Most Efficient Yes, Most Efficient Yes, Most Efficient
Drying Type Turbo Drying™ Turbo Drying™ Turbo Drying™
Flexiracks™ Baskets 30 series 40 series 50 series
Cutlery tray Top tray w/ Instant Lift™ Top tray w/ Instant Lift™ -
Upper basket Premium upper rack Premium upper rack (height adjustable) Exclusive upper rack (height adjustable)
Middle Basket - - Exclusive middle rack with removable inserts
Lower Rack Premium lower rack Premium lower rack Premium lower rack
Cutlery Basket YES YES YES
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Made for friends, family and guests

Our XXL dishwashers can wash as many as 17 place settings with perfect cleaning and drying results. That’s why it is now an undisputed fact that you can put more in an ASKO than in any other dishwasher in the world.