ASKO Tumble Dryers

ASKO’s heat pump dryers are closed systems in which air constantly circulates, meaning that they can be installed in confined spaces with little incoming air. The air is dehumidified with the help of an evaporator instead of heat alone, so that lower temperatures can be used in the drying process. This, in turn, makes the drying process more gentle, without any loss of drying capacity or effectiveness. As well as gentler drying, the heat pump dryer also reduces the risk of shrinkage – meaning that even very sensitive fabrics can be dried.

The heat pump technology, in combination with our Sensi Dry system and a wide range of automatic programmes, makes our heat pump tumble dryers extremely energy-efficient. 
Eliminating your largest laundry concerns

Rely on superior craftsmanship

ASKO has produced household appliances for over half a century. Our laundry appliances are made using quality steel parts, offering years of reliable service. Every detail, right down to the component level, is tested to last for at least 20 years, and we test every product before delivery.