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Style Washer - White

The W6124XW washer has a program for every living situation and with the three modes, Normal, Green mode and Intensive mode, you can quickly adjust the programs to make them either more environmentally friendly or wash more intensively.

Compatible Dryers:

Hidden Helper Accessories:
Product: Washing Machine
Mode of installation: Freestanding
Spin speed: 1400 rpm
Color: White
US MSRP: $2549
*Continental United States only. Visit local distributor for pricing.
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Active Drum™
Active Drum™
Allergy mode
Allergy mode
Anti crease
Anti crease
Aqua Block System™
Aqua Block System™
Auto Dosing system
Auto Dosing system
Auto program
Auto program
Active Drum™
Active Drum™
Active Drum™

Active Drum™

With Active Drum ™ the hour-glass shaped, removable lifters and the slanted drum move the laundry to the drum centre to reduce fabric wear. Dirt is removed via bigger holes at the edge.
Allergy mode
Allergy mode
Allergy mode

Allergy mode

To protect your well-being, the Allergy mode adds extra water, time and energy and washes your garments with extraordinary performance. No residues are left in the garments or the machine.
Anti crease
Anti crease
Anti crease

Anti crease

The Anti-Crease option tumbles the laundry gently with less wrinkles as a result. Be gentle to your clothes and save time on ironing.
Aqua Block System™
Aqua Block System™
Aqua Block System™

Aqua Block System™

To keep your home safe and the washing going for many good years the AquaBlockSystem™, with its seven sensors, immediately detects any abnormal rise of the water level.
Auto Dosing system
Auto Dosing system
Auto Dosing system

Auto Dosing system

The Auto Dose system calculates the perfect volume of detergent for every load based on the wash load, dirtiness, water quality, and the chosen program and temperature. No struggle.
Auto Dosing system
Auto program
Auto program
Auto program

Auto program

The Auto program optimises washing time and number of rinses depending on load and which program you choose. Now you can wash smaller loads without feeling bad. Just activate the program.


Wool/hand wash
Dark wash
Time program
Easy care
Drum cleaning
Quick Pro
Allergy program Cotton
Allergy program Synthetics
Sportswear program
Conditioning program


Spin speed: Adjustable spin speed
Super Rinse
Super wash
High water level
Pre wash
Anti-crease system

Run modes

Normal mode, Green mode, Allergy mode, Speed mode, Intense mode, Night mode


Quattro Construction™ - vibration-free spinning
Door sealing: Steel Seal™ - hygienic door sealing
Long lasting stainless steel drum
Active Drum™ - maximum cleaning and minimal wear
Heater capacity (W): 2000 W
Precise temperature control (max deviation +/- 2 F)
Water level sensor
Durable brushless motor
Automatic Dosing System: Integrated

Use and flexibility

Easy close door
Liquid detergent insert
Active detergent compartment cleaning
Temperature range: Cold-Extra hot
Door diameter: 12 3/16” (310 mm)
Door opening angle: 110 °

Interaction & control

1-24 hours
Remaining time indicator
Display Type: LCD display

Design & integration

Door opening: Left
Adjustable feet: 3/8” (10 mm)
Dryer can be mounted on top
Water connection: cold and hot
Loading position: Front

Safety & Maintenance

Removable lifters
Waterproof bottom plate
Maximized water inlet time
PEX inlet hose
Anti block drain pump
Overflow protection
Emergency door opening key easy accessible
Lockable control panel
Unbalance detection
Draining capacity: 20 l/min
Overheat protection
Thermal and electonic protection against overheating
Pro Wash system - extra effective washing and rinsing

Technical data

Drum volume: 2.8 cu ft
Heater capacity (W): 2000 W
Water connection ¾": Water connection: cold and hot
Estimated annual energy consumption: 75 kWh
Counter weight material: Cast iron
Counter weight: 44 lbs
Noise level: 74 dB(A)
Noise level washing: 53 dB(A)
Connection rating: 2200 W
Voltage (V): 208-240 V
Number of phases: 1
Current: 15 A
Frequency: 60 Hz
Net weight: 205 lbs
ISO 14001: Yes


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 33 7/16” × 23 7/16” × 27 9/16” (850 × 595 × 700 mm)
Depth with door open: 41 5/8” (1057 mm)
Cord length: 78 3/4” (2000 mm)
Length of inflow hose: 59 1/16” (1500 mm)
Length of outflow hose: 63” (1600 mm)

Logistic information

Packaging dimensions: 36 1/4” × 25 3/16” × 30 9/16” (920 × 640 × 776 mm)
Total weight of packaged product: 213 lbs
Code: 578203
EAN code: 3838782012785