Washing machine features

Your washing machine needs to be an appliance that you can trust. A reliable companion that will take care of your clothes sensitively and effectively. The way in which you use it will vary from wash to wash – sometimes it needs to be delicate, and sometimes it needs to be tough. But above all else, it needs to clean your clothes in a way which will take care of the garments, and the wearers.

The features you find on ASKO washing machines make them more than ready to earn your trust and fulfil all of your needs. This is in the way they're built and tested – made to perform reliably, and sustainably, for longer. It's in the incredible attention to detail paid in the programs, suitable for everything from preserving the technical qualities of sportswear to washing for small children and people with allergies. And it's in the cleanliness they deliver – both in the wash and in the machine's own environment.

Eliminating your biggest troubles
Smarter by design. The ASKO washers are packed with innovative features designed to make daily life easier. And because they’re made using quality steel parts, you can always look forward to years of reliable service.
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Steel Seal™
Eliminating a rubber door seal, which can degrade over time and traps dirt and grime, ensures a more hygienic wash. You will also find loading and unloading easier with the Steel Seal™ door solution. All ASKO washers have this long-lasting door solution.
Most Energy Efficient Washer*
The average American family washes about 300 loads of laundry each year. ENERGY STAR can help families cut their related energy and water costs. ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers use about 25% less energy and 45% less water than regular washers. *Classic model only.
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Quattro™ Construction
The Quattro™ Construction is a unique, yet simple system consisting of four shock absorbers that transfer the vibrational energy from the outer drum to the bottom plate of the machine. Even spinning at maximum speed can be achieved virtually free of vibrations.
Aqua Safe™ System
No one wants water damage at home. That’s why we have worked hard to create leak protection systems that exceed the national requirements. Our advanced Aqua Safe™ system has sensors that can detect higher than usual water levels in the machine.
Super Rinse™
Dirt is not good for your clothes and detergents are not good for your skin. ASKO’s washers feature an extra rinse function called Super Rinse™ that increases the rinses in each program, up to seven times.
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Active Drum™
The hourglass-shaped and removable lifters guide the load to the gentler central area of the drum and effectively remove large debris, such as dirt and gravel, to the larger holes at the edge of the drum. Active Drum™ is perfectly balanced to ensure the best possible washing and rinsing performance while still ensuring minimal wear on fabrics.
Line Concept™
An intuitive setup from left to right. Start by filling the detergent drawer on the far left, then choose your desired settings. Finish by pressing start on the right.
Removable lifters
The lifters in the wash drum can be removed to save you service costs. In other machines a service engineer would need to be called out but with our solution the user can sort the problem out themselves.
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Auto Dosing System
With the Auto Dosing System the detergent and water are mixed before entering the drum ensuring that all detergent is used in the washing process. This gives excellent results even at low temperatures, without the risk of detergent stains on dark garments.
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Pro Wash™ System
The Pro Wash™ System is based on a water circulation system originally developed for professional washing machines. The circulation pump effectively dissolves detergent and the dual water inlets soak clothes from the top of the drum resulting in the load being soaked faster and cleaned more efficiently.