Washing machine modes

Your shortcut to better washing
When using a washing mode, different parameters of the selected program are changed to be able to, for example, wash faster, quieter, more energy efficiently or more intensively. Our Style models have six modes, Logic models have five modes and the Classic models have four.
Normal Mode
Normal mode means no changes to the program. Enough water, energy and time is used to be able to achieve a perfect washing result for normally soiled loads.
Green Mode
If you want to save both water and energy you should choose Green mode. To achieve the best possible washing and rinsing result yet still reduce energy consumption, each stage in the program is prolonged. Total program time will thus be longer compared to Normal mode.
Intensive Mode
In this mode the washing machine has plenty of time to wash the load, more time than in Normal mode. And to really ensure a perfect result for heavily soiled clothes, more water and energy are also used. In Intensive mode the selected temperature is kept at the same level for a longer time.
This mode adds water to be able to rinse away all detergent residue from the load as well as from the detergent compartment. More water is used in Allergy mode and energy and time are also added to achieve the best possible washing and rinsing performance. The selected temperature is kept at the same level for a longer time. *Available on Logic and Style washers.
Speed Mode
When selecting Speed mode you task the washing machine with delivering perfect washing and rinsing results in less time than normal. To achieve this, both more water and more energy are added to the washing cycle.
Night Mode*
Use night mode whenever you need the washing machine to be quieter. The drum movements are gentler and the final spin uses a lower rpm. Time is added to ensure that the load is washed perfectly. *Available on Style washers.