Washing machine programs

For all kinds of laundry
Today, we wear many different types of fabrics. It can be difficult to choose the right program on your washer. We have made it easy for you to choose by creating precise programs for different types of clothes and fabrics.

Programs on All Models

Just fill the machine, select Auto wash, and start. This convenient program is used for both white and colored washes. It adapts the amount of water, number of rinses and washing time to the weight of the laundry.
A really intensive program for clothes and fabrics with clearly visible spots and stains. A short spin after each rinse helps to remove larger dirt particles that do not dissolve in the washing sequence.
A 30 minute program for lightly soiled clothes without stains.
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Additional Programs on Logic and Style Models

A weekly wash of your bedding will remove skin residue and mites that cause allergies. This program is used to wash bedding, pillows and larger items.
The hygiene program is designed for all those situations where deep hygienic washing is required. It is perfect for home chefs who need to clean aprons, kitchen towels and other textiles that meet raw food.
A gentle but effective program where we use more water and repeated rinses to get collars and cuffs of a dress shirt clean.
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Additional Programs on Style Models Only

A program for waterproof garments and breathable fabrics. Also ideal for sportswear made of mixed materials.
This is a short program for adding waterproofing agent to fabrics. Use the conditioning program on the tumble dryer for thermal activation of the agent (if applicable).
The smart stain program is a fast way to choose the right treatment for both the type of stain and type of fabric. Select from: Red wine, Blood, Grass, Blueberries, Butter/Grease, Chocolate, Coffee/Tea, Egg, Dairy, Kids, Baby.